2024 Security Certification Report

Google Security Independent Review

Google, in order to protect the security of billions users on Google Play, has launched the Mobile Application Security AssessmentMASVS Level 1 Requirements).

This assessment is designed to ensure the security and quality of applications through independent security review, thereby awarding a specialized badge to the approved applications on Google Play.

Main Points of the Review

Data Storage and Privacy

・Ensure all sensitive data is securely stored, not leaked, and educate users about how their data is processed.


・Applications must use secure and current encryption standards to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data, avoiding the use of outdated or insecure algorithms.

Authentication and Session Management

・Implement robust authentication and session management measures to ensure that only authorized users can access and that sessions expire after an appropriate period.

Network Communication

・Ensure all network communications of the application are encrypted using secure protocols and verify the authenticity of all network requests.

Platform Interaction

・Limit the permissions requested by the application, ensure that only verified inputs are processed by the application, and that sensitive functions are not accessed by unauthorized methods or platforms.

Code Quality and Build

・Follow best practices to build the application, remove all unsafe code and known security vulnerabilities, and enable all available security features.

Significance of Passing the Review

Robust Quality

・LetsVPN demonstrates exceptional performance and reliability, adhering to strict development and data handling standards to ensure a high standard of user experience.

Absolute Security

・LetsVPN implements advanced security measures in data storage, encryption, transmission, and processing to effectively protect user data from unauthorized access and breaches.

Industry Leading

・LetsVPN has set industry security standards, standing out among its peers and driving forward the safety practices of the entire industry.