LetsVPN has achieved world-class security certification and has been awarded the Google Independent Security Review Badge


LetsVPN has been certified by the global tech giant Google, receiving a bespoke Independent Security Review Badge created specifically by Google. This not only recognizes LetsVPN's technical prowess but also affirms its long-standing commitment to providing a secure and reliable VPN service.

Google authoritative certification, synonymous with security

As a global tech giant, Google upholds stringent security standards with a rigorous certification process that is universally recognized. Google's security measures exhibit significant prowess across various domains:

  • Chrome: The page you are currently visiting poses a security risk / Your connection is not private.
  • Gmail: This email has been blocked due to potential security issues in its content.
  • Google Account: There is currently a security risk. There is new login activity on some anonymous device. Please confirm.

In addition, Google has introduced numerous measures specifically aimed at security.

  • Google Authenticator((100M+ downloads): A completely free app that supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) to add an additional layer of security to accounts.
  • Google Play Protect:Built-in proactive protection against malicious and unwanted software, scanning 1.25 trillion apps every day to help safeguard you from malware and unwanted software.
  • Google Project Zero:Focused on discovering and fixing zero-day vulnerabilities, dedicated to researching and disclosing security flaws worldwide.
  • App Defense Alliance:Google has partnered with multiple security companies to establish the App Defense Alliance (ADA), setting global recognized standards for web application security.

Through these comprehensive security measures and continuously innovative protective technologies, Google not only provides users with strong security assurances but also establishes itself as a global authority in cybersecurity.

A rare and precious honor

Among the thousands of VPNs available, only a handful have received the Google Security Audit Badge, including:

  • ExpressVPN(Focused on security and privacy)
  • NordVPN(On par with ExpressVPN)
  • Google One(Google's own service)
  • LetsVPN(Focused on enhancing user experience)

Other well-known VPNs like WangVPN, Veee+ VPN, PandaVPN, among others, have not obtained this certification. Certified software is listed in the App Defense Alliance, a collaboration between Google and cybersecurity companies, for verification and scrutiny.

Stringent Certification Standards

The independent security badge designed by Google signifies that an application has achieved top-tier standards in data protection, privacy security, and user experience. This badge not only signifies a high level of security for the application but also serves as a guarantee of user trust. As VPNs are crucial gateways to internet privacy and security, they naturally become focal points of Google's independent security audit program.

To obtain the “Independent Security Tested" certification badge, applications must meet the following criteria:

Globally recognized standards

Applications must comply with the MASA L1 review criteria for VPNs, as established and implemented by the App Defense Alliance (ADA) through the Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS). This standard has garnered recognition from security departments and agencies in multiple countries worldwide.

Stringent Review Process

1. Top-tier Audit Laboratories: Among tens of thousands of audit laboratories globally, only the top five laboratories qualify for conducting audits.

2. Multiple Verification: Applications must pass audits from at least two different organizations to ensure the rigor of multiple verifications.

3. Six Dimensions, Thirty-Two Categories: Audits cover six dimensions including data storage and privacy, password encryption, authentication, network communication, platform interaction, code quality and construction, comprising thirty-two categories with hundreds of detailed requirements.

All of the above conditions must be met in order to obtain certification. However, real security is never a one-time affair. To ensure that applications consistently meet the highest security standards, Google has established periodic review criteria.

Periodic Review Standards:

1. Ad Hoc Audits: Developers must be prepared to cooperate with ad hoc audits conducted by audit laboratories at any time.

2. One-Strike Policy: If an application fails to meet the requirements in any review, its certification will be immediately revoked.

Additionally, publicly available data shows that in the Google Play Store in the United States alone, over 20,000 apps are forcibly removed every day. Building upon this, even more stringent certification standards have been introduced. It can be said that the "Independent Security Audit" certification represents the highest scrutiny standards for application security by Google Play.

Using certification badges to filter secure software

Google prominently displays the Independent Security Review Badge on the homepage of the app store, helping Android users easily identify secure and reliable VPN applications. This breaks away from the traditional filtering methods based on download rankings and user reviews, preventing the risk of downloading unsafe applications due to fake download numbers and manipulated reviews.

Example of Google Security Review Badge Display Interface:

For information security (higher security, more reliable privacy protection, etc.), promptly check if your current VPN has been awarded Google's strongest security badge. The sooner you check, the sooner you can enjoy enhanced security protection.